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And a DS6 brag - we were at a friend's place yesterday and the bigger kids (5-10) were playing a treasure hunting game. Another friend's 2YO decided to join in, but was bowled over by most of the bigger kids, who didn't even notice him. My lovely boy stopped, went back, took his hand and said "come on, you're on my team - look, can you see something over there". I was so proud of him.

Just think what your son did for the 2 year old. My 2 yr old was in the same boat this weekend at the community playground and the older kids were playing a made up game tying hide and seek and color coding together. The older kids decided to include her in the game and the excitement of it all when we left made my heart soar. She was so excited and said "Mommy, the older kids played with ME." "They told me when to slide and not slide." ... on and on but with such a big smile on her face. I could have hugged each and everyone of those kids.