Wow! Such talented kids!

Congratulations, OHG! Recovering from a flub with grace so that no one realizes that you blew it is the hardest part of being on stage, by far. That's really amazing! Very poised! Pros have trouble with that. You should be extremely proud.

Crisc, yay for the song! So wonderful! smile

As for me, I didn't do so well. I didn't ask the guy for his name or number. I hadn't spent very long talking to him--his comments to me were given as we passed one another in the hall as I was leaving and he was entering--and I had no way to know how much my son liked him until after I was back in the waiting room and the man was already in the MRI tube. No time to chat with him after that.

Next time...

I do like the idea of the vets talking to the homeschool group. Hmmm... I'll work on that one! Thanks!
Mom to DS13 and DS10