Kriston, if you got his name maybe you could invite him to come talk to a group of the homeschoolers. Also, a lot of the WWII & Korean War vets have groups, you could probably find some on the net close to you, that applies to anyone here. Or, check out your nearest military museum, lots of them have guys like that volunteer.

GS9 was just in his first play. It was just at our church, but it wasn't a kids play. Our pastor has training and experience with drama & theater. He chose this particular play for GS9 because he just had to be himself. He had good timing with his lines that were funny. He had two Bible passages to recite as part of the play, and for some reason he started to recite the wrong one first. His 'mommy' in the play kept in character to get him on the correct one, GS9 stayed in character and switched to the right one, and no one except us knew the difference! That was the only line he flubbed, but it was such a smooth recovery everyone assumed it was supposed to be that way.