A little Christmas cheer from Harpo (7)...

As I mentioned in the other thread, my kids make their gifts for each other. Harpo's writing poems for the family this year, and he's been planning them in general terms for a week or two, but got down to the actual writing yesterday. For Groucho, he wanted trochaic metre and some Christmas-y imagery--bells, dancing, singing, trees, but he was having a bit of trouble getting started. He chewed on his pencil a while yesterday, and then said, "I know, Mommy! I like that William Blake poem about the tiger, so I'll just do that one, except with my words." Half an hour later, he brought me this:

Santa, Santa, coming here
Bringing lots of Christmas cheer;
Trees and presents, toys and books,
He eats the treats that <Groucho> cooks.

<Groucho, Groucho,> happy boy
Laughing, clapping, Christmas joy;
Games and dances, carols sung,
Glad tidings told and bells are rung.

Christmas Wishes to Groucho by Harpo.