I stink at Christmas cards. I dread the thought of writing them out and sending them each year. I pretty much stopped altogether after a period of wishy washy one year I send them one year I don't. Now I just call when I get a card from someone, tell them what a loser I am, thank them for the card and chat. I'd rather catch up on the phone anyhow.

We have a tree, it was a fiasco this year, darn thing kept falling over. DH finally allowed me to put up colored lights because our white lights finally broke after 12 years. smile

Not much under the tree and it's probably going to stay that way. We dodged a bullet, DH was scheduled to have last day at the end of December. He just got an offer letter today to start a new job in January.

We feel very lucky and are also thinking of those who are facing adversity in these difficult economic times.

It has been nice how the girls have reacted to being told there wouldn't be as much "stuff" this year. They were so cool about it. Warmed my heart. smile