DS13 had a bad day yesterday. Someone canceled the bus that was supposed to bring him back from the high school to middle school after math class. He went to the HS office and called the middle school and got the bus ordered. But he was late for 2nd period in the middle school. Since they were doing state mandated testing he didn't want to be late he ran past the MS office right to the room where the testing was going on and just made it for the start of the test. After the test, he went to the office to get his paperwork for being tardy in order and was instead slapped with a detention for not stopping at the office on his way in to second period.

I was pretty mad that they just left my DS sitting at the HS and almost called the school. But instead I asked DS if he would like to try to take care of things today. We brainstormed some options and today he talked to the principal directly about what had happened. He got an apology for there being no bus and she had the detention taken off his record!

I am so proud that he can handle these complications with just a little coaching from me whistle.