Well, a few things interesting this week. DS4 the other day asked for 4/4 of a glass of milk. then he replied "that's a whole glass of milk" I agreed and was surprised he knew that as we had never done fractions. He then went on to say that 8/4 is 2 wholes, and 12/4 is 3 wholes and 16/4 is 4 wholes, then asked what is 16 + 4, because that will equal 5 wholes. Not sure where he gets this stuff.

Most of the amazing stuff he says and does is quite comical. that is always the stuff that stands out in my mind. Yesterday he wanted to play a syllable game and I wasn't sure if he really knew what syllables are. I asked him how many syllables were in a couple different words and he easily got them right. then he paused for a minute and said "mom, supercalafragelisticexpealadocious (sp?) has 13 syllables......no wait..it has 14"

He also loves word scrambles. He scrambled up the word alphabet the other day fairly easily for me to figure out. He is a great scrambler and sometimes has me stumped for a bit.

That's enough bragging for one day. wink