It is great to have a place to talk about our kids. DD4 has been really into spelling lately. We play this game at home and in the car. We will give her a word and she will sound it out and tell us how it is spelled. She is getting really good at it. She is so cute if the word has an E on the end alot of times she will say and silent E when she get to the end. She likes to get words with trick letters which is what she calls words that are not spelled like they sound.

People use to tell me not to make her grow up so fast when she would do something unusual or really early. Now her uncles are being really supportive of following her intrests which is great.
Our family is not bugging me as much now that she is getting older and they know she is doing what she does on her own.

She also has been really into math. Doing addition and subtraction and a little multiplication. She likes to find 100 of things like 100 m&ms or rocks etc. This week we showed her how to count by 10s. And I tried to tell her how to count by 2s. We were amazed to see her because she will say 2 and then count on her fingers and say 4 etc she got up to about 12 and it was the first time we had talked about that.

She also is very interested in zero. She keeps saing to me things like, mom guess how many cookies I have for you, And then she will laugh and say zero. She does this about alot of things and thinks it is pretty funny. DS20m does not think it is as funny, he he.

Every day she amazes me. She always asks about different things. Like last week she wanted to know everything about eels. So we went on line and read about eels. As soon as I get info for her on one thing she says I already know about that I want to know about this other thing now. Its hard to keep up, but it is fun.

Well thanks for letting me go on and on a little. Usually only my husband hears this stuff. It is fun to read about other kid who are similar.