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...anyway at least a calculator is a cheap gift!

...she says, unaware of the potential!

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oh gosh... I think I *just* realized that maybe not all parents carry two solar powered calculators in their purse at all times for car rides and restaurants and other lengthy waits

My post was poorly worded....I meant that at a certain point, the cool gift is no longer "cheap", cry !

Mr W's fav toy is a box filled with goodies like rubber parts, cut-outs from different food packages, balls, etc. He turns the box on its side and rummages through it, pulling out stuff, looking it over, throwing discards over his shoulder, then going for the next object. I add new stuff just about every day. It occupies him for hours.

Most pawn shops near a University will have lots of cheap electronic junk. We have an old atari set that he will get to play with soon. His first computer will be a POJ (piece of junk), too.

When he starts to read heavily, we will be at half-price books and yard sales. wink

I might even take him to a junk yard. LOL.