Hi everyone-

This is my first post, but I have been lurking for awhile. I am so glad you started this thread because I have been dying to tell someone this and can't IRL. My daughter A (6.5 yrs) is double grade skipped and is now in third grade. Last week we received her first progress report and she received all O's (outstanding progress) and one S in writing. I even went and talked to her teacher because I was so surprised that she got almost all O's. He said that he is a hard grader and that only a few kids received all O's!! I was sooo proud of A and all of her hard work. Another thing she did last week was to move to her 4's in multiplication. O.k., no big deal. But she did 56 problems in 4 minutes the first day and the very next day she went to 94!!! WOW! I was shocked! Again, I'm so proud of her and she is LOVING school!

Thanks for letting me brag!!