Current update:

My son has actually done really well since receiving the GIEP and updated 504 plan. Initially, the GIEP only covered math because none of his reading teachers said he needed enrichment on reading. We were okay with this for now, since writing is such a large part of reading and we didn’t want to overwhelm him. But the new 504 has been a big game changer, and he’s improved significantly in reading and writing so much that his reading teacher recommended him for gifted small group reading.

Since he received the GIEP and 504 in the middle of 5th grade, the school didn’t want to do subject acceleration (since I would mean going to a different school building and starting in the middle of the year). We’re not quite where we want to be with his schooling just yet, but even the small changes have made a huge difference in his confidence at school.

Thanks for reading and I’m so glad for all of the recommendations and advice people have. We’ll continue to advocate for his needs, but we’re happy that he’s happier at school.