No it has not.. It's just focused on the expression of intelligence rather then the actual test scores..

How you achieve with strange scores is related to "understanding testing"...

I have a slow processing speed and I've learned that because of this I make errors in processing that could be fatal. I need someone who can check my work to see if I've made any.

I'm a great reasoner but my ability to control my mind in a desired direction is bad because of my poor executive functions which is reflected in the processing speed score.

Lack of self control is my diagnosis and not schizophrenia.. It's a shame really... What the processing speed tells me is that I have to make guesses about some information because it might be wrong and that leaves me in a state "dream" rather then correct processing.

It's a weird form of thinking and I don't think poor executive flexibility has anything to do with errors in reasoning because my reasoning was in the gifted range.

What it means is that I have to give myself time to process and that the low coding score means I have to take longer to finish what I've started...

Nothing new here people, just my development!