I've received some feedback from the psychologist and it's been an interesting development for me.

My self-esteem has improved and before I lacked the feeling of being competent or intelligent in a true manner. It's about feeling that you have ability even if you have measures that indicates otherwise!

What I've been trying to do is to map out my experience and pinpoint what type of thinking I'm using at times when things become "heavy" or anxious.

The ideal would be that because I'm so "intelligent" I should be able to walk through life with easy but that certainly isn't the case!

I have a want that I should be in control or "understand" very quickly and to be able act efficiently on stuff but I don't.

I'm 34 now and the world deems performance as a very valuable attribute and I'm not adding anything to the world surplus!

When I look at EF I don't see multiple skills that a trainable, I see skills set in stone that influences how efficiently you manage your behavior in response to stimuli. It's complicated because behavior includes intelligence (knowledge and reasoning) which allows for awareness of situations and allows you to adapt!

An interesting way of looking at the EF construct is that it represents the behavior range you have. Each measure of EF from the d-kefs has an amount of "attempts" which would mean that people with more efficient EF should have more behaviors at the beckon call?

Viewing a person from that perspective and looking at "high intelligence" and "low EF" would mean that someone have few behaviors but very logical ones!