I'm someone who's put a lot of weight on my intellectual prowess and been proud of my ability to do things with ease.

I've been put in a rather strange position where my talents where completely overlooked. I was deemed very low functioning despite my intellectual "strengths".

What happened to me was that I started going to a "daily activities" where people had all kinds of disabilities and I was forced to adapt to that circumstance. I knew I was smarter then everyone there by IQ standards. I knew that since I was so intelligent I would learn things well if I gave it the time.

And guess what, today I'm not a badass intellectual with success in any topic but Im a holistic human being that puts other's well being ahead of being "Right" or "arrogant about my intelligence".

What I've learned and is trying to convey is that intellect isn't that important to me anymore. I no longer care about being the intellectual giant that's always right because I've grown out of it. Val said it, do something that is intellectually meaningless and grow other capacities then intellectual ones.

Healthygamer on youtube recently did a video about how gifted kids grow up with a "gifted kid identity" and that these kids over-focus on their intellectualism and that this hampers them in real life.


This guy has developed a coaching program that has a focus on eastern meditation and philosophy combined with western knowledge about psychiatry. It's about getting started in life and doing the things that are important to you instead of trying to maintain the self-image of being gifted.