Some more reflections on being executively dysfunctioned..

I recently learned one of the problems I have with executive functions. From my own studies I've shown that I have an excellent spatial working memory and that in turn means I can handle "finding my way around" very well.

Working memory is sometimes used as a part of executive functions but I discovered that it's actually "updating" that is executive. The updating is what allows you to shift the information in your working memory to something new, like a new topic or action.

The estimates done on my executive functions are extremely poor but my logic seems unharmed. What I found out today due to self reflections is that I tend to answer questions with the wrong mindset.

The scenario is that they are asking about how I can do laundry and other housework but my mind is set on something I was remembering.

My biggest strength in IQ was similarities, basically that's the ability to find commons between different subjects and when I answer questions asked by the healthcare they think I switch topic after each subject but I don't. I'm keeping in mind every question and use my similarities logic to make an answer for all three "different subjects" at once.

It seems I've been miss judged a lot because of this. I was recently in contact with a doctor who didn't realize this. She wasn't a specialist in psychiatry and she admitted me into hospital for symptoms that she thought I had but after the psychiatrist had spoken to me he realized that I have a very uncommon pattern that she couldn't discern.