Welcome, Pepperoni!

With this limited data, we can only deduce some general thoughts, since there are many other aspects of development that are involved in how individuals experience learning. But generally, the testing results suggest that your DC is quite strong in both verbal and (I assume, based on the sequence, that some of your scores may be mislabelled) visual spatial domains, age-appropriate in abstract thinking, and exceptionally strong in efficiency skills.

The meaning of this in real life depends on many other factors, including where she is in global development (age, maturity, fine-motor skills, attention, social, etc.), her current educational environment (formal and informal), temperament, and interests. But generally, one would expect academic material to come fairly easily to her, and for there to be some level of need for access to additional depth, breadth, or rate of instruction.

Most importantly, she will need what all children need to thrive--your affection, care, safe boundaries, and acceptance of who she is!
...pronounced like the long vowel and first letter of the alphabet...