Executive functions is the amount of decisions you can make.. a low score with executive flexibility means you can only make a few choices when you work or other before your decision-making fades away.. It has nothing to do with "doing" your decisions but all to do with how many decisions you can make before you run out of stamina.. What happens is that if your decision doesn't lead to a good behavior you don't have the capacity to change that behavior so much!

I understand through Barkleys executive model that people who aren't executively strong sometimes becomes perseverant which means they continue with a behavior that doesn't work. This is not good as you can imagine and it can make you tread water for long periods of time before you find the right track.. I've been treading water for a long time and is probably the reason why I take shortcuts, because small errors are to executively demanding to change in comparison to the reward!

The most important thing to remember if you are executively challenged while highly intelligent is that some things are replenesive while some things drain and when things are to executively demanding I dont dare to pursue that "topic" because working with change becomes extra hard.. That's why I have a lot of personal interests and almost no "career" success.. Probably because making decisions is such a large part of working that my ability to do so isn't good enough to keep the tempo!

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