That is quite possible. If she usually tests the other end of the curve, the ExNorms probably aren't part of her daily practice. If you want that documentation, she already has the data for it, so you could request that she re-calculate using the extended norms, at least for the VCI and the resulting FSIQ. (There are only two subtests in the VCI, so this wouldn't take much. The third verbal subtest would have been supplementary, and would not impact any of the index scores, other than the VECI, which can't be calculated anyway, with only three subtests. A VECI of 145+ would also have been a qualifying score for DYS.) The ExNorms are freely available in a technical doc from the publisher.

But I doubt the absence of ExNorms will keep your child from the appropriate resources!
...pronounced like the long vowel and first letter of the alphabet...