Baby Rocket JJ, in the coming years you may find that many educational systems create a rather hostile learning environment for gifted children. The criteria you mention for early entry into kindergarten does not appear designed to meet a child's needs for the right "fit" and yet this type of criteria is not uncommon.

A child meeting the listed requirements for early entry to kindergarten would already meet the end-of-year requirements, approximately one year early. Therefore the school day would be presenting material they already knew; the child would not be learning something new each day.

You may find your child encountering systems which are designed to close achievement gaps and create equal outcomes (as recorded in the gradebooks), amongst all students in a classroom. These educational systems may utilize two broad categories of strategies:
1) raising the recorded grades of children at the bottom
2) capping the growth of students at the top

Children need appropriate academic challenge, and intellectual peers. For typical children, these needs may be met in the typical mainstream classroom. For gifted children, these needs are only met with specialized curriculum, placement, and pacing.

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