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We didnít have a template with our older DYS1. The school district did what they could to accelerate him, eventually he ran out of classes so they gave him study periods to learn on his own. We have been told early on that with the profile of DYS1 he will likely excel in whatever he ends up passionate about. So for after school we focused on exposing him to as many different things as possible so he can hopefully find something that he is passionate about. It took a little bit of time to find his passion, and that ended up being in math and one individual competitive sport. He is now ~4 grades accelerated in math, and in the sport he is top 20% in the state. Doing all the math and sport requires quite a lot of time and effort after school, so we struck a deal with him to just have fun and socialize / relax during actual school. The common concern on gifted children going to normal school is under achievement and boredom leading to issues down the road. We just flipped it, actual school is the relaxing / fun part of the day for him, after school schedule in math and competitive sport is where he needs to work had and develop a work ethic / achievement. So far so good.

The journeys of your DYS1 and my DS are so remarkably similar.