Hello, I hope you donít mind if I comment as well. I am not a psychologist, but I do have two DYSs in extended norms (one recently retested). I would like to question your belief on gifted schools and here is why. Your child is very exceptional. I mean that in a statistical way. No amount of socializing with non-gifted kids or learning to dumb himself down to fit in is going to change his exceptionality. For many children with similar scores, a gifted school is not a pampered treat, itís a necessity for survival and mental health. In some ways, an IQ in this range without adequate supports can be incredibly challenging. Imagine putting a child with an IQ of 40 into a regular classroom and hoping for the best. I am not saying that gifted schools are the only option or even the best option for everyone. Each child is unique, but these kids often require much more creative education solutions. It sounds like your child may already be starting to communicate that. I wish you the best of luck.