Trying to get DS4 into kindergarten early but our district—and most others in this area—have some rather fantastic requirements. Essentially, a young child has to be more than ready for first grade... to enter kindergarten:
  • Child must take an END-OF-kindergarten-year math, reading, and social-emotional assessment
  • Test is administered in early June, 3+ months before K even STARTS
  • All test scores must be in the >90+ percentile

In other words, kid has to do better than virtually every other child who already FINISHED kindergarten, long before kindergarten even begins.

Oh, and they say no preparation is needed. Although DS is more than ready to start K and would definitely pass the tests even today, I'm not sure about the 90+ percentile thing without any preparation.

Do you know anything about these tests? FastBridge earlyReading and earlyMath (or similar)?