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Top 10 Jobs That Robotics And Automation Will Take Over In 2022
by Disha Sinha
Dec 13, 2021
Analytics Insight

Many of these may not be the dreamed-about career, but several in the service industry or in office work have historically been great high school and college employment, providing a broad array of opportunities to learn and practice a variety of employment skills.
1. Salesperson in Retail Stores
2. Receptionists
3. Delivery People
4. Bookkeeping Clerk
5. Customer Service Employee
6. Accountants
7. Proofreaders
8. War Soldiers
9. Bomb Squad
10. Typists
One position, accountant, has been a much sought-after opportunity for a variety of businesses.

Human proofreaders understand the crafting of a new portmanteau, or a punny turn of a phrase, which artificial intelligence (AI) may, unfortunately, "correct" causing work to lose originality and the authentic voice of the author. (How often we may experience auto-corrupt rather than auto-correct!)

I see the prognosticated takeover of these jobs by automation and robotics as a change in society, to an ever-increasing reliance on the grid, while decreasing self-reliance and the development of a number of skills in creative thinking, work-around alternatives and stop-gap measures, short-term and long-term thinking and planning, interpersonal communication, teamwork, flexibility and resilience.