I've found a new answer to my "disability"... It's actually personality-related and not "aptitude" related.. I do not have slow processing speed because of flexibility, actually I'm Extremely low in orderliness which is a dimension which values order, routine and procedure..

I am very quick at learning and my mind does not work linearly as it more or less bounces around in my imagination when I reason.. It's like I collect information in my environment that is important to me, "what I notice" or "what is relevant to me" and use that for my reasoning.

The reason doctors can't establish a diagnosis is because I dont give them an orderly answer when they try to question me. I just think their questioning is an assault on my senses..

This is not giftedness related but I find that I've had trouble since I got the wrong information from the psychiatry and adapted to suit the estimate of me, as with the low verbal flexibility and executive functions bit.. Before anyone try to label there has to be a concesus of what the person is like..

The big issue for me is that I dont respond in an orderly fashion, it's like my mind dont focus on a particular thing just because someone else believes it to be true.. The last year, the biggest thing I've learned is that people aren't like me but they like to punish me for what I think is correct behavior simply because they don't understand..

One guy at my daily activities is so scared of me and feels so insecure that he starts yelling. A grown man that has worked with people his entire life and still can't manage to settle down. I know of his situation though so I'm not harsh on him but I have a very good sense of what people are feeling and when they hurt themselves I have no trouble in pointing it out..

"It's just that people don't know you..."

[SPAM] I hate life sometimes.. ;P

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