I took the SCAT in 1981 as a one year accelerated eighth grader. The scores are listed as percentiles. Does anyone know if those are as compared to other eighth graders or something else? My googling tells me that CTY acquired the test in 1985, so perhaps they changed the reporting of scores then?

The reason I even discovered this information is that I've been curious about a statement that a school administrator made when I was in ninth grade and flunking out of the (prestigious private) school. She said that I was the "most intelligent student" in the school, which was beyond weird. We did take a test in either eighth or ninth grade where (among other things) we had to identify pictures with pieces missing from them (which seemed obvious). But the results of this test weren't in the record, and I'm pretty sure that the SCAT didn't have such a task.

My overall SCAT percentile was 93, which is way out of line with my grades (Cs, Ds, and Fs), but I'm sure that it was not even close to "most intelligent" status.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any insight folks might have.