Hello! Today I've been thinking about why different subtests and indexes are included in the WAIS scales.. I know about g (general intelligence) and its importance and how its the strongest predictor of IQ.

I was thinking about how processing speed had the lowest g-loading, which means it's the least important index on the wechsler scale for measuring IQ..

So my question is whether you guys have thought about the function of the different areas of measure!? What happens if a person is low in an area but high in another?

I would be happy to read in short about your insights and experiences where someone has an odd profile and what that profile means to the person and his/her adaption to the environment!

My own problem stems from low executive functions which impacts my processing speed a lot! Since my verbal flexibility is low I can't speak to people in an efficient manor and I tend to get in trouble because I get stuck when things require me to adapt faster then I am able to!

In general I think Ive had problems with adapting to new circumstance because of this despite having high scores on other indexes!