I think NWEA scores are more interesting and informative because the testing is adaptive. You can sign up as a homeschooler through various sites. It will give you a percentage based on national norms. And the comparison tables are easily found. (But even at the upper levels, it is not predictive at all for tests like ISEE etc.)

The STAR testing is so short as to be negligible and in my experience really variable test to test. Really, it isn’t designed to show any real information other than “adequate or better” or “horribly failing” which is the only thing our district is interested in. If you are trying to speculate on CAASP scores, I don’t think we can this year. The test will be shortened, it hasn’t been given in two years, and honestly it isn’t much of a test for advanced students. We have no idea if they will monkey with it. If you are trying to speculate on your child’s individual achievement or compare that achievement with other children, STAR isn’t good enough to do that.

If you are trying to figure out private school/ISEE scores, Team Tutors offers a pretty reliable free version locally.

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