This 2017-2018 chart would suggest his math score is at about the 50th %ile for grade 12 fall:

...and about the 50th %ile for grade 10 in reading:

At least in Colorado.

Here's a more recent document, on the most current edition, with linking studies to the California high-stakes state test:

The levels appear to be somewhat different, with the reading score predicting a level 3 performance on the CA test.

Not sure what version of the test your DC actually took, so it might be difficult to interpret this way. You should receive some kind of parent interpretive guide along with the scores.

One more looks like the linking scores in the CA tables used the Unified score, whereas you may or may not have the Unified scores. If yours are not, and are converted to Unified scores, it appears likely (but don't take my word for it, as I don't actually have concordance tables; I'm eyeballing this) that reading is at a level 4 vs CA state, and math is at a level 3. I would definitely ask for the interpretive notes to go with the score if you want to understand these better. It exists somewhere...

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...pronounced like the long vowel and first letter of the alphabet...