DS13 thrives in school, he is outspoken, works hard (mostly), and advocates for his own needs. DD10 however, works hard at home but not at school. She asks for private latin tutors, reads and writes stories all day long, researches greek mythology constantly, and will do advanced math when I ask her to at home. However at school, she complains constantly about being bored and asks me repeatedly to ask her teachers for harder work or subject accelerating, but then will only perform mediocre. If she weren't in TAG, they would never know she had above average intelligence. She makes stupid mistakes on tests, and overall just doesn't even try. She has one TAG pullout a week, which only has one other girl in it, and they don't really do anything. She has been grade skipped before, and thrived, so I do truly think it's because she's bored, but she won't prove to her teachers that she can do her grade level work at an advanced level, so I can't blame them for thinking she still needs to work on it. How much should I push her to try her hardest, or push her teachers to give her a chance at more challenging work, or do I just let her live in the consequences of her behavior and not worry about it?