DD is applying this fall. Reading about a 1-4 grade, 1 is the best, in 4 categories for application. 1) academics 2) extracurriculars 3) athletics 4) personal.

Does anyone know what constitutes a 1 in these categories, what is a 2? How impressive does your stuff have to be? Do you have to be recruited as an athlete to get a 1, or being an nonrecruited decent tennis player get you a 3? Non athlete a 4? Extracurricular is so wide, I wouldn't even ask anyone. But personal? If legacy, does that get you a 1? If you are first time college AA, a 1? If you are upper class white kid with no hooks, a 4?

And then what numbers get you in? 4 total for sure. And a kid with 4 should get in. But then, I wonder where the break is. A kid with great academics, 1, top violin international competitions, 1, no athetics, 4, personal, no hooks, 4. That is a 10. How many get 10?

Just curious if anyone has insight.