My DS5 should be starting kindergarten in the fall, but the principal is heavily pushing for a grade skip into 1st, with possible acceleration into 2nd for math later in the year. This is due to his scores on the WPPSI and WJ, as well as discussions with preschool, with us etc. The principal is worried he will be bored and not learn how to handle challenges (basically learn some "grit"). I deeply share that concern. He's already bored out of his mind in pre-k.

Academically, we know he's ready. We did the IAS, but since he has not taken the ITBS/EXPLORE/ACT/CAT/PLUS/SAT/SCAT/CTP-IV, we could not complete that section. He also does not participate in extracurriculars because he's in preschool and there's not much available for him prior to kindergarten, so he got 0s in those categories. His score on the IAS was 54, but I do think it would be higher if he had taken those other tests or had extracurricular opportunities.

I see the maturity of a child is often brought up as a decider for skipping...but what, exactly, is considered mature? He's a studious little guy--he's never been one for athletics, and deeply prefers STEM activities such as building circuits, doing logic puzzles, etc. He's also somewhat reserved--in preschool, he was initially shy and quiet but has opened up considerably in class. He now helps with the lower-ability small groups, sometimes gets sent to the TK class to do work, notices when someone is excluded and helps that child and so on. Is that maturity? Is it ability to focus? Because that is fine. Or is it the ability to stand up for oneself? He's also non-confrontational and doesn't seek help if someone is being unkind to him. He, in his words, just "find[s] something else to do." Is it the ability to join in with older children? He also has an older brother, DS7, so he's accustomed to being with him and his friends.

So how do you define maturity?