You want to get to the root cause re: accommodations? These accommodations are approved by accredited professionals. MDs or PsyDs/CPsychs should not be providing accommodation letters for students who don't meet diagnostic criteria, and their fraudulent behaviour should have meaningful licensing consequences.

If it's such an issue of fraud, universities or testing authorities could conduct case history audits to ascertain the veracity of the dx. If resources are scarce, audits could even focus on new diagnoses within 2 years of critical testing/admissions dates.

There is nothing new under the sun. Insurance has been dealing with fraud since its inception.

As to athletic scholarships, I have never understood the American fascination with PSE/sport cross-overs and the existence of athletic scholarships. University is about learning, not putting some projectile in some receptacle, or doing X faster or more accurately than someone else. There are enough other venues for athletic competition. And, for most university franchises, the sports outfits aren't even NPV positive.

Full disclosure: in undergrad, I opted not to play my varsity sport because the training schedule would have had me training 30-40 hours per week. I wasn't willing to commit that level of effort to something that would not yield major results, and I wasn't going to be Olympics competitive with less time. How could anyone possibly top their program, and make meaningful inroads into the research, starting out with a half schedule? Likewise, how can you podium with an impaired sleep schedule and limited time for nutrition and rehab that will naturally flow from academic success? The goals are at odds, and all but a few extremely gifted people will find them mutually exclusive if they want to be truly world-class at both. I was fortunate to have a coach who was consistently ranked 1-3 internationally at the time, who put the calculus to me clearly; the sacrifice is real, and first place is an all-in endeavour.

(But then, this circles back to the perennial delineation of what university is for.)
What is to give light must endure burning.