Requesting the appropriate challenge level for reading and math (possibly with 1st grade or 2nd grade pupils) would be appropriate and in my observation and experience it would be helpful if you met parents/families at out-of-school events, to provide these benefits:
- learning from other parents what programming, cluster grouping by ability and readiness, or other accommodations have been made by the school for other pupils,
- having a friend in the upper grade which your child may visit for reading and/or math.

It would also be helpful if you had some data to support your request to the school. Documentation is important. For example:
- a list of books read, which might include date, child's age, book title, book author, book reading level, new vocabulary words encountered.
- a collection of math workbook pages completed, with date and child's age on each page, and notes such as any questions the child asked, observations the child made (such as whether the work was fun, hard, or easy).

Suggestion: Always keep a copy of any documentation. Better yet, keep the originals if you can give the school a copy.

It is important for parents of gifted children to meet local parents, make contacts, and strike up supportive friendships, and it is important for gifted children to befriend older children met outside of school.