Thank you. Our kids been pretty holed up, we will consider re-evaluating when the adults in the family are all vaccinated. She's been doing outschool classes on legos, chess, dinosaurs, space, talking about feelings, and other topics of interest. When she was in a multi-age preschool class last year she preferred to play with kids her own age. Her closest buddy didn't talk much and would get stressed out and bite her. She acted like she couldn't read because her friends couldn't do it and would do things like pick very easy puzzles so she could sit with a friend but then would actually ignore the puzzle and mostly did really silly things to make her friend laugh until the teacher asked her to stop. Things like petting herself with open scissors, repeating nonsense phrases. Age-appropriate for a three year old. But not a type of social interaction that's going to be helpful to her in an elementary school classroom if it continued when she was older. Her social age seems like a data point against seeking a grade skip. I wish we had more and different options available for her future schooling. Unfortunately I'm struggling to get my work done while pseudo-homeschooling this year. And our hypothetical private school budget dwindled when we had a baby last year.