Are there any sports or rec department or other similar outside activities available to your child in the current COVID-19 climate...? For example: Swim, dance, tumbling & gymnastics, T-ball? Any places to meet other parents/children in a play group, such as at a church, neighborhood group, park playground, or reading event at a local library?

I ask because it will be important for your family and your child to recognize and emphasize any interests the child may have in common with other classmates or older children they meet. Socializing and forming friendships may occur largely based on participation in outside activities and arranged play dates, if your child has little in common with chronological age peers.

Government schools are NOT set up to nurture and develop gifted pupils. They are established to achieve equal outcomes among diverse populations, which often involves capping the growth of gifted children. It is crucial that gifted children do not stop learning and just wait for classmates to catch up... once learning is put on hold, it can change the brain, making it difficult to begin learning again, leading to underachievement.

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