Hello. I posted on this forum previously when trying to make a decision about preschool for my daughter. For the current academic year she is at home with me, doing distance learning pre-k through our neighborhood school and doing other activities with me or on outschool. If we send her back in-person next year she will be going into kindergarten.

She is reading chapter books independently and her math skills seem to be a mix of first and second grade. I got the singapore Dimensions math first grade books and we're moving through them to try to consolidate her skills.

I'm worried about what kindergarten will look like. In some ways after a year of isolation she could probably use a year of diving back into socialization. But she doesn't need work on alphabet or sight words or a prolonged time of adding within ten.

Any ideas for what I could ask the school about the possibility of offering her some kind of differentiated reading and math in kindergarten? I'm trying to be realistic and certainly don't want to overburden the teacher. The school officially starts GT programming in second grade but it's a pull out enrichment program that talks about growth mindset and does projects. I asked about acceleration in core classes and was told that the teachers use cluster grouping on assignments but it's not under the guidance of the GT teacher, it's just whatever each teacher decides to do it for his or her classroom.