DD/DYS is 15 and a junior in HS. Trying to get her engaged in the college search process is like pulling teeth. Her practice SAT test results on Khan Academy are mediocre (less then when she took the SAT in 7th grade), and she asks why she should care. She complains that she will end up working the rest of her life in a boring job so what is the point? On the other hand, she does have a 4.0 GPA which includes 4 AP classes.

Some facts- DD was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression which we know is adversely affecting her judgement. She also struggles with ADHD inattentive type resulting in low EQ.

The question is – what about college? She has no interest in living in a dorm, and we are fine with that. As she is young, we are planning on a gap year during which she will hopefully intern if Covid winds down. But next Fall is the application period for college, and it does not appear she is even ready for that situation. How do colleges view students who don’t apply their senior year? Or do we bypass the application and just plan on her attending community college for 2 years and then applying to a four year? She hates school already so I am not sure she will find community college any better. If anyone has more imaginative ideas, we would be grateful.