Short backstory: IQ test at 3 and 8, DS scored 99.9%ile both times. DS is 9 and in 5th grade. DH applied for a federal job and they asked him to consider Reno, waiting to hear about job offer details. DS has classic PG profile aside from additional 2e dx's, OCD and ADHD (that one may not apply anymore but not officially dropped yet).

We would like to apply for the in-person school in a year. I'm looking at the qualifications and trying to see what I can do to prepare him for testing because I would like to primarily unschool for the rest of this school year. He is very bored in his public, DL class. His teacher said she cannot accommodate him, which I understand. He is grade skipped and in a GATE class but he's still ahead of the other students.

I was thinking of unenrolling him from public school, enrolling him in an online math class that is at his level and then unschooling the rest of his year. He and his brother are self-motivated and spend a lot of time writing stories, making comic books, websites, doing science experiments, and reading and taking outschool classes.

We have homeschooled and public schooled depending on the needs of the year. We would be moving there for other reasons, just fortunate that DA in-person is there, worried that DA in-person will not tolerate 2e needs, worried that I won't support DS enough to score well enough to qualify. His OCD is mild his primary themes are moral/scrupulosity and symmetry and although it's always present, it has not affected his in-person school behavior, aside from worrying that he will do something wrong.

My main questions are: Am I crazy to just unschool for 6 months to a year before we do testing to apply for DA in-person?
How do I know if DA accepts 2e students? What if they say they do, but in reality, we go through all of this testing and applying, tours, etc. and he is not given the chance to be admitted because of the OCD diagnosis.

Any advice or thoughts?

Thank you to so many of you who have been helpful, informative and supportive over the years as we go through this parenting journey. My first time posting in these forums were when our DS was 2.5 after he taught himself to read.