There was HG elementary school based in east harlem. Most middle class parents didn't want send their kids there. So it drew kids with lower scores from the surrounding area, but it had great facilities, had an HG curriculum etc. And there has been a high number of charter schools in Harlem etc. When my peer group was in high school, Styvescant was mostly jewish. DH roommate at Harvard came out of Sty, and his wife who was also Harvard. When their children went to Sty, over 15 years ago, he said that the democraphics had totally changed. Over 85% of the parents were Asian. He said that he was in the room for the advanced math and all the other parents were Asian. Not one other white parent. Why is it that even white kids with all the advantages are not getting in with pure testing, no onther criteria? I find myself in the minority in general among white parents. They just think math and science are not as critical. Look at medical schools. Most of the students are asian. I think it is parenting. The chinese parents make jokes about me that I am more Chinese then them. Because I pushed the importance of math and science to have choices and I think survive in a future world. I don't think white parents are as invested in their children's futures as you write. I think most are laissez faire.