Hi everyone! I'm a long-time lurker, so I'm a little nervous about making this post! I just need some help processing these figures.

So I'm a bit shocked. I knew I was intelligent, but I surround myself with highly intelligent people, many of whom I consider smarter than me, so I figured I had found my "strata", if you will, at around +2 standard deviations. But these numbers are just far above what I would have guessed, even at my most egotistical. For context, I am a 17-yr-old high school student.


FSIQ - 148 - 99.9th percentile - Very Superior
GAI - 154 - >99.9th percentile - Very Superior

VCI - 150
Similarities - 19
Vocabulary - 19
Information - 19

PRI - 133
Matrix Reasoning - 18
Visual Puzzles - 14
Figure Weights - 15

WMI - 148
Digit Span - 19
Arithmetic - 18

PSI - 117
Symbol Search - 17
Coding - 9

What do I do with this information, other than feel good about myself? I'm extremely lazy, and often feel disconnected from my friends/peers, even ones with whom I would say I have a good relationship with. It feels like I can't ever break in to their inner lives. How can I improve myself? I fear that I will bask in my "potential" but never do anything of substance.

I notice two irregularities in the data. I score 17 on symbol search, but 9 on coding. What can I make of that? Also, I seem to have a slight dip in the PRI subtests. I have always grasped most math and sciences pretty easily, but I just hate computer science, and other overly formalized logical classes. They just seem so mousy, like its a little box people create for themselves to be smart inside of, while ignoring more pressing problems. Can anyone shed light on whether or not this makes sense given the scores?

I hate to come off as boastful, and I really do sound SUPER pretentious reading this back, but I really am looking for guidance.