For those interested in specifically examining economics, The Mises Institute has arranged its offerings to include groupings called "Study Resources," "Young Readers," "For Beginners."

The groups contain titles such as:
- Lessons for the Young Economist,
- An Introduction to Economic Reasoning, which is described as "aimed at teaching the intelligent young reader...,"
- Lessons from a Lemonade Stand, "...the ideas of freedom can heal our world and improve our lives...,"
- Concise Guide to Economics, "... connection between economics and freedom...,"
- Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action. "... modern civilization itself rests on the market economy...".

A capitalist economy is a market economy based on supply-and-demand, in which participants earn money by anticipating and meeting the wants and wants of others. It is very different from a socialist or communist economy, which is a government-controlled economy.