As a parent of a 2E who has followed yours over the years (mine are in college now!), I have a few thoughts FWIW.

First, what does your DD want to do with her life? What does she want to experience in college? What are her college goals? Before looking at colleges, get her to narrow things down for you. It was like pulling teeth here so I had specific questions that must be answered by a specific date: Where do you want to be (away from home, at home, far away, etc). What do you think you want to major in? How sure are you (do you need a school with a lot of flexibility for changing or might you do OK with a single focus-- like engineering, or art, or one of the other specialties. What does she see herself doing for a career? How much education, how competitive, what is the path?

Second, After you've given her a chance to dream a bit, help her find some colleges that might meet her needs. Small? Big? Rural? Have her major? After looking a bit, make a list of what's important for a college -- good for 2E?, athletic facilities? Dorm life? Distance? Weather?

Third, Once you narrow it down, VISIT-- yeah, it's hard right now, but most colleges have virtual tours to get you started. And admissions will often give you a student contact if you ask (Not Colorado School of Mines-- the only one that had an unhelpful admissions and didn't get either of my kids due to this despite loving the school). Some may even offer an overnight experience.

By now, you should have narrowed down to 6 or less. Definitely look at your state school, and at your community college. My 2E went away to school and then came back for community college and then went back. Small school, very 2 E friendly and accommodating. We investigated our large state school too, and that would have been "ok".

IOW, keep an open mind. She may thrive at a 2E school, and it may be the best for her, but don't limit her yet. Make sure that there isn't a situation where she'd meet a wider variety of students. (I worked with a girl who absolutely needed a 2E school-- and thrived there).