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Thus extra time for exams would be carefully scrutinised at primary & secondary school level.

My understanding is that the evidence shows that extra time really doesn't benefit those who don't need it. You are right of course that for certain tests time pressure is part of the test to sift out the top 1-5%... Particularly in math I would say.

The extra time is so that you can show what you know, if you are slower than others for a diagnosable reason. The extra time makes no difference if you don't actually have any knowledge to show...

Also note that extra time is actually exhausting. If a 3 hr exam becomes 3hrs45 mins, and that happens twice in one day you are doing 1.5hrs more exams per day than your peers, with less break... Sometimes this problem becomes so severe that something gets moved, other times it's just the price you pay for needing extra time. The whole of last year involved multiple experiments in making sure that allowed accommodations were actually beneficial and whether they should or should not be used for each subject.

I have another child who has multiple professionals recommending extra time and they just won't use it. Maybe by the time they get to the end of highschool. If we can keep them in school that long...

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Once the student is at Uni, the goal for the individual is to complete their degree, which is not a competitive process.

Well, accessing honors years, graduate courses (especially graduate medicine!) it can be extremely competitive. And many of the courses that now exist with guaranteed placement in the next degree for high achieving school leavers have requirements about maintaining a certain GPA. For kids on track to careers requiring graduate degrees they need to stay competitive the whole way through their undergraduate degree too. My first year uni student is certainly pretty grateful this semester won't count to their final GPA because of COVID. Pretty harsh to have only 2 weeks of starting uni in person and then isolation... Other than that, there is no sense that the pressure is off after highschool.