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It really does feel like schools consider things like extra time, typing, etc to be "cheating" or "trying to get away with something" and the universities consider these things to be reasonable accommodations so that one can access the curriculum equally.

I suspect this does have some impact on the issue of extra time. Rightly or wrongly, the goal in secondary school, for many students in this country, is to maximise their ATAR score to successfully compete for places in highly sought courses at Uni. Many students attend coaching colleges to help achieve this goal. The selective school entrance exam was extremely fast paced such that students who attended coaching colleges were advantaged mainly by the time management skills they picked up by doing a practice exam every week whereas DS who has never attended a coaching college and has outperformed selective school students at the Maths Olympiad, did not finish the SS exam. He just managed to finish the HSC maths exam last year without a second to spare for checking his answers (he thought he had been able to answer every question but his score of 98 would suggest he made at least one or two silly mistakes). Thus extra time for exams would be carefully scrutinised at primary & secondary school level. Once the student is at Uni, the goal for the individual is to complete their degree, which is not a competitive process.