Off the top of my head, I would consider looking at Dean College in MA. They have the Arch program, which is as much like K-12 inclusive special education for true college-level content as I have seen, without being a special ed school.

Extra cost for the program, of course, but those of whom I know who have sent children or attended themselves report that it was worth it. Individual and group support, and targets SLDs, mostly (must be at least average cognitively).

"Ideal Arch candidates are students who have a discrepancy between measured intelligence and achievement that is directly related to their diagnosed disability."

Also, as you say, every post-secondary institution that takes federal funds is required to provide disabilities accommodations. Even the community college has a disability services office. What that looks like, of course, is highly variable. So yes, if she has a specific field of study in mind, or other college characteristics (size, urban/rural, region, etc.), it may be helpful to find a college consultant with 2e experience. You have a singularity among singularities, so I would expect a perfect fit will be a challenge, (even at the consultant level) but the right resource may be able to connect you to other right resources with the information you need. I think the place to start would probably be the local person, mainly to help you compile a list of questions you should be asking of disability service offices.
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