Has anyone hired a private college placement specialist to aid their 2e child?

I recently attended a webinar hosted by a local sped attorney on the topic of transition planning. His guest was a ďTransition SpecialistĒ and it got me thinking. Having someone who is familiar with navigating the process might prove very helpful.

So far Iíve been thinking in 4 ways -

First to look at a college like Landmark in Vermont which is 100% dedicated to students with special needs. (It started focusing on language based learning disabilities but now also serves students with ADHD and Autism as well.) They require a neuropsych or psycho ed eval with the student application and all supports are included in their rather hefty tuition. I donít know how many other dedicated colleges like this exist or if they would be able to meet DDís gifted needs. Hoping a placement specialist might know of others,

Second to look at starting at a community college so she can adjust to the college experience before heading off on her own. (DD completed a grade acceleration so will finish HS at a young age. We might be able to postpone until her 17th birthday but not by much.) Her math disability is tough to overcome so I thought about maybe completing math requirements this way and having them transfer in. She also has significant processing issues and relies heavily on assistive technology so large chaotic environments can be tough for her. Her current school teaches everything 1-1 so is perfect for her but she will have to learn to adapt to a regular classroom setting. Our local CC has an expensive special transition program usually paid by local school districts. A friendís daughter made the mistake of accepting her diploma so she wasnít eligible for district payment, Again thinking a placement specialist should be able to guide us so we donít make a similar mistake.

Third looking for colleges that have specialized embedded programs to meet the needs of sped students. Iíve heard of these programs but feel a bit overwhelmed trying to determine which might be right for DD or even how to find them. Iím concerned that most of these programs may be geared towards students on the spectrum (which DD is not). Her executive functioning and social skills are strong - we would need a program thatís appropriate for her rather than for generic special needs students.

Fourth everyone tells me over and over that all colleges will offer accommodations as long as DD advocates for herself. I donít feel itís a good idea to drop her in on her own without appropriate scaffolding though. Again Iím hoping a transition or college placement specialist who has a background in special needs would help navigate the process so she can be set up for success.

So has anyone used someone like this? I realize the simple thing would be to approach the woman from the webinar (sheís local) but I hate going in blind. I donít even know what to google to learn more about this. I went to her website and there was no mention of costs, etc. Iím also wondering how hard it would be to find someone well versed in 2e rather than just special needs placement. I obviously donít want to be sold a service that isnít right for us.

If anyone has any experience, info or BTDT advice I would love to hear from you.