I have a (recently turned) 10yr who is EG/PG in the verbal domain, DYS scores in IQ and Achievement, but we are not in the USA so we can't apply. Today is the last day of the "Process of Writing" course they have been doing through CTY, and we have the go ahead to enroll in the next course "Writing for an Audience".

CTY describe "The Process of Writing" as being for CTY qualified kids in US gr 5-6 and "challenge level = High School Junior"

CTY describe "Writing for an Audience" as being for CTY qualified kids in US gr 6-7 and "challenge level = High School Senior"

The Process of Writing is probably the best (of 4) CTY courses my child has done, but it is not without it's downfalls. As an entirely socially driven extrovert who is homeschooled my child would really love if there was a live interaction as part of any course. Especially for Grammar, which is pretty hard slog.

Being overseas we have a few issues:

1) obviously most courses with live components will have timezone issues

2) We really don't know how accurate CTY's description of the level of writing challenge, so we know it's ok to go on to their next course, but I do not know what level that would translate to in the Michael Clay Thompson courses.

3) I am not actually sure what US grade my 10 at the end of Feb child would be in? I think they would be finishing Gr4 in your system (by age)?

I find it quite confusing that CTYs gifted program runs based on US grade not child age or level of giftedness, when they are running courses that are globally accessible. It's never been clear to me if they mean for children to be enrolled by their grade for age or their actual grade if they are accelerated, or what to do when they are homeschooled and have no official grade...

So questions:

1) Has anyone done the Michael Clay Thompson Courses (not the books, the live course)? Any feedback?

2) Anyone done both CTY writing or grammar courses and MCT and able to compare?

3) Anyone know how to figure out which level course my child might qualify for?

As a starting point this course would be at 6 am for us, which is vaguely doable time wise and the only one that is doable timewise going up or down a few levels...


Sadly of the Summer School Bootcamp series only the Macbeth/Hamlet is listed as being recorded to watch at other times if you can't make it. And I don't' think that course is suitable for her.