I would think that it is necessary for any school to have an idea of intended majors. They have to fill classrooms for a huge selection of courses. You cannot have 80% CS majors in any school. Even MIT or Caltech. A few years ago, there was some girl, Toronto, regular high school, but seriously into architecture. Went to programs on architecture during her summers. Really into it. She got into Harvard. Why I was interested in her profile. Showing passion and interest in your major seems to be a big factor for these top schools. I know a top student, did the science olympiads, top team in competitive state. Did some leadership program that many do. Thought he would get into MIT, Harvard (even had legacy at Princeton where he got waitlisted). Didn't get into any of his top ten and took a year and reapplied and got into a good school the second year, but not in his top ten. He was shocked. But it makes you wonder how many are in the core group of top scores, science olympiad, standard leadership programs that it makes you generic not unique. That is why I am so curious about everyone's experience. It is so competitive.