Irena, it's been several years now since we applied for our ds' CB accommodations, but he received them easily with no questions asked, and based on your track record of advocacy I'm guessing you have everything you'll need to get your ds' accommodations. Our ds didn't ask for speech to text, and he didn't ask for computer for math problems but that's because he doesn't use either. He was approved to use his computer for essay questions and he received extended time, quiet room, and marking answers directly in the test booklet instead of on the answer sheet.

When it was time for ds to apply, the CB was encouraging students to have their high school counselors submit the applications rather than students submit them, but ds' high school counselor wouldn't - he said every student at their school who'd applied for accommodations had been denied so they were certain ds wouldn't be approved. So we submitted the application - I provided a cover letter explaining why ds was qualified etc (based on what I read at the CB site), an indexed list of very piece of documentation I was submitting that backed up the request starting in elementary school and all the way through high school, copies of each set of professional testing we had showing his diagnoses and impact on handwriting, copies of each of ds' IEPs/504s, and some third category that I can't remember at the moment! The CB at the time was requiring recent testing, so we had ds take the TOWL and the person who administered it (if I remember this correctly) gave ds both a timed and untimed version to demonstrate the impact of dysgraphia.

Is your ds going to high school next year? Will he have a re-eval or meeting to write his 504 plan going into high school? If so, I'd bring your questions to that meeting and ask what the school's experience has been, do they anticipate he'll receive accommodations or not. If they're wishy-washy in thinking he might not, or say they've had a lot of kids rejected, I'd seriously consider going ahead and applying yourself now.

As frannieandejsmom mentioned, it took us around 7 weeks to get the approval.

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ps - when we were applying, there were two levels of requests you could make for accommodations - one had 1.5 times extended time, one had more extended time + other things (none of which I can remember at this point!)... we just applied for the "standard" accommodations for ds rather than asking for extra extended time... and that may be part of the reason his request went through - we weren't asking for extras that were beyond "standard" (whatever that was). FWIW, even the "standard" proved to be a bit challenging to actually put in place once ds had the ok.. but that's a whole other story and has nothing to do with CB really!

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