Hello everyone !
My DS10 is in 4th grade at Carpenter. His teacher has a small group of 7-8 kids in the class, who do advanced math ( Algebra 1)
And until some time I didnít even know that my son is in this group!
I mean, of course I knew that he is very advanced in math!
But I didnít know about this group in his class!
It seems to me that it depends on the teacher and school!
But he he still receives his grades for CC Math. only ! There is no grade for Algebra1 in 4th grade🤷‍♀️

Is there any chance to skip at least 5 grade math next year?
Maybe we can ask the school to test him and to put him on a right level of math , the one that good for him ? How does it work in this situation? Please any recommendations !